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– In Their Own Words

“All of this depends so much on having the right leadership in place; a talented and able staff and a really strong project leader. I can thank everyone connected to ACAR for getting us there and thank Melynn for doing an absolutely amazing job in guiding us the rest of the way.”
Marc Lebowitz, CEO, Ada County Association of Realtors®
“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the week. I feel energized and refreshed from looking at the association from a completely different perspective yesterday. You did exactly what I envisioned for the task force this year, but in a way that we never would have been able to accomplish on our own.”
Kit Fitzgerald, Board President, Ada County Association of Realtors®
“This process allowed us to think differently about how and what we present to the public on CarolinaHome.com. We are now focused on giving consumers an entertaining experience looking for homes, with the confidence that they will connect with the right Realtor® when the time comes. Melynn was a very honest third party. She helped staff break away from preconceptions about what we thought was important. We are happy with the end product and will use it to guide our staff and web developers as we redesign and promote our website.”
Anne Marie Howard, CEO, Charlotte Regional Association of Realtors®
“Associations must adapt in order to remain viable. We need to be able to articulate our value to members because the business environment has changed. There is competition for the services our organization provides. For our association to be successful, we must have successful members. Our value proposition allows us to articulate the tangible offerings that are most valuable to our members in a way that narrows the focus to what we know they need most – not what we think they need. Our value proposition is the differentiator between us and the providers of similar services.”
Sheila Dodson, Executive Director, Coastal Association of Realtors®
“What a genuine opportunity to rediscover CAR’s Value Proposition. The process clearly defines what CAR does well that our members need most. Now leadership and staff can focus and communicate our Value Proposition with confidence and integrity.” 
Jolon Ruch, President-Elect, Colorado Association of Realtors®
“Completing the value proposition message was motivating to our task force. It was only surpassed by what we learned while going through each step of the process.”
Christine Bauder, Association Executive, Bonita Springs-Estero Association of Realtors®
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