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What Association Executives Are Saying About Their Progress

Association Executives share real life experiences about how their value proposition changed how they think, plan and communicate.

Find new inspiration for the many ways a Value Proposition can help you reach and connect with more members.

A clear simple message of value can change the way your membership (and the public) views you. That’s only the beginning.

Here are six stories.  Click on the story that interests you or simply scroll down for a brief summary from the association executive.

The three Value Proposition “value points” give members clear direction and the board a focus for planning.logo_harrisoncounty

  1. Provide a strong voice to represent business: We established new events that highlight local legislative and executive elections; and led us to creating a new Vote For Business website.
  2. Provide market and community information: We funded a high speed internet survey and created Connect Harrison County, Inc. based on that information to help spur development in our county; through a strengthened partnership with the Southeast Indiana, local market information is provided to businesses to help with decision making.
  3. Provide resources for employee growth and business training: We increased training programs based on surveys of what our member-businesses need most. For example, I now deliver a collaboration and consensus leadership workshop and other technology workshops.
Our value proposition significantly clarified both our verbal message to our members and community, but helped focus our efforts on activities and services on our three value points that back up our value proposition.

Lisa M. Long, President
Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County, IN

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Value Proposition sets BEAR apart in big ways for a small association who has loads of competition in Florida.


We needed to focus on what we do well and how to express it to our members and prospective members. We are a small association in between two mega boards.

As a small association, our value proposition was a big project. Here’s how we use it:

  • It is a by-line under our logo.
  • The entire proposition goes to new members at orientation.
  • We include it in the letters we send to new graduates who have not joined a broker.
  • We use parts of our message at the beginning of every meeting and event as everyone enters the room.
  • We use it as a guide when we consider new events or tools.

As a result of this project:

  1. More members are aware of what we bring to them above and beyond the MLS.
  2. We have increased membership using this tool, as well as other ways. We get compliments from members and are able to bring in new leaders because they do not have to wonder what our value is…they can read it and see it in action.

Christine Bauder, AE
Bonita-Springs Estero Association of REALTORS®
300 members

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Value Proposition helps both Board of Directors and staff focus on what matters most to members at SMAR.

  1. logo_smarTo the Board: The VP gave us much-needed focus and a reason to synchronize our Strategic Plan and Value Proposition with our Board of Directors, 14 Committees and 6 staff.  With BOD turnover each year, the Strat Plan & Value Prop provides a connecting theme now and basis to better plan as the real estate profession changes.
  2. To our Members: Our Value Proposition has had a positive impact on SMAR members.  We plan our services and related activities around our new message to better serve and communicate to our members.  We integrated the VP graphics into our revised communications plan, our web site, association branding, new member orientation program and related outreach activities.
  3. To our Committees and Staff: The VP is the basis for our annual 2015 SMAR Leadership Team Meeting, following the installation of new BOD members and Committee Chairs.

David Jenkins, Association Executive
Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS®
1,437 members

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The Value Proposition changed the way New Jersey REALTORS® communicates with members.


NJ REALTORS Logo HorizIn our communications, we focus heavily on our four value proposition areas. We strive to reinforce those values at every touch point with members so that they understand how to make the most out of their membership.

Key changes include:

  • Since finalizing our message and the staff writing workshop that followed, we’ve simplified our state’s marketing materials, the website, and our emails to make our communications short and sweet.
  • Our communications are easily digestible tidbits that make people want to click or browse for more details on a particular topic.
  • When communicating a message about advocacy, using the value proposition language makes it easier for members to understand (especially for those who aren’t political) and makes it more relatable to their business and livelihood.
  • Infographics have been a huge part of this strategy – they’re not only visually pleasing, but they’re full of important figures and concepts that translate our legislative agenda into something that matters for members on a day-to-day basis.
We exceeded our RPAC fundraising goal in 2015 and, in large part, we were able to accomplish that through refocused messaging and a variety of related events that attracted more members to learn and ultimately invest.

Allison Rosen, Director of Communications
New Jersey REALTORS®
45,000 members

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Member segments from the Value Proposition workshop are driving change in how the association works in Tucson.

logo_tucsonWe are just now starting to fully integrate the messaging and graphics into our overall communication plan. We had three member segments that we build the message around. While we believe all members will relate to it, the process helped us focus on three important groups:

New REALTORS®: Since a lot of them are young, one step that we have taken to integrate young members into our “system” is to assign a YPN liaison to our Board of Directors and to each of our 4 standing committees. This is a big step for our organization that has a very detailed method of appointment.

Brokers at “boutique” firms: We added broker specific programming this year to really help them relate better to what we do. Once each quarter we hold a “Broker’s Only” briefing. (Of course we won’t stop anyone from attending, but the content is designed for brokers.)

We had our first Broker Only meeting last week. We’ve been playing around with text message blasts. Two days before the Broker Only meeting we had only 30 people registered. We sent a text blast to our broker population the day before the meeting. More than 75 people signed up and attended. I asked how many learned of the meeting from the text…more than half. I asked how many people came because of the text…more than half the room.

Agents in a large franchise: We focused on helping them develop their own marketing identity within the franchise. We have partnered with to offer the New Agent Success Kit (not just for new agents). We’ve added a presentation of these tools (as an alternative to or ancillary to the broker tools) in our Member Orientation program.

I feel really positive about how our VP messaging aligns with the organization we want to be.

Marc Lebowitz, CEO
Tucson Association of REALTORS®
5,200 members

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Like many important things in business, with time and focus, the Value Proposition pays off BIG at a Florida local association.

  1. logo_oscarIncrease engagement: We had a problem that we lacked engagement with and relevance to our members – we needed to stabilize our membership numbers and invite growth. We are in a very competitive area with some mega associations around us.
  2. Use it as a selling tool: The year we developed our value proposition we announced another dues increase. Using our value proposition, implementation and targeted communications we increased in size by 1000 members. This % is clearly a higher increase than others around the state.
  3. Sustain the message: The journey to develop our value message to today spanned five Presidents. Karen Dierickx commented, “Successful growth and value to members doesn’t start with just one President. It’s starts with listening to your members, developing a strategy, and having leaders who work toward living the words we say.” She said that she happened to be the President who could deliver the concrete numbers of the work of four successive Presidents. We were all committed to the strategy and gave consistent attention and determination to the message.

Carol K. Platt, Association Executive
Osceola County Association of REALTORS®
1,700 members

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