Case Study: Member Value Proposition – Colorado Association of Realtors®


  1. The Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) was charged to answer the question “What does CAR bring to the table” for members?
  2. Approach the future with a significant new & different approach
  3. Change from the inside out to best deliver value to CAR members


  1. First things first: a member value survey to learn about what’s
  2. important and valuable to members in their business
  3. Results fed into an in-depth project to uncover key audiences’ needs and concerns – and how CAR best answers those needs today
  4. Development of a value proposition that the organization will use to reinvent themselves and motivate staff and leaders
  5. A communications audit realigning messaging in all communications to be consistent with and in preparation of the launch of CAR’s new value proposition

Outcome and Feedback

  • Value proposition provides focus for staff and leaders to advance a core of essential member deliverables (and many other ones). Sets clear expectations for why members should engage with the association


  • Offers a messaging platform for staff and leaders to communicate the most relevant issues to members (and not what’s most important to CAR.)
“What a genuine opportunity to rediscover CAR’s Value Proposition. The process clearly defines what CAR does well that our members really need. Now leadership and staff can focus and communicate our Value Proposition with confidence and integrity.”
Jolon Ruch, President-Elect, Colorado Association of REALTORS®


Recently, VP projects are strategic initiatives and positioned as a PAG (Presidential Advisory Group). CAR’s 2013 President established a PAG in order to operationalize the urgency of the need for a VP. Click here to see the summary.

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