What Does It Look Like?

Click on image to view full size

Click on image to view full size

Your message of value depends on three important decisions:

  1. Important member segments – selection and analysis
  2. What your association does today with excellence
  3. Articulating how #1 and #2 connect.

Once you create the message, you need to compliment the words with a picture. That’s why they say “a picture says a thousand words”.

After all, why do the most successful companies in the world invest so much into their logos and advertisements? TO MAKE THE MESSAGE MORE MEMORABLE. That’s the goal.

Here is an outrageous example of how a message becomes part of a picture that gets attention.  We created this graphic as a way to show visually why this is something that should never be used.

Your message will be most memorable when the graphics compliment your clear, direct message.

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