Presidential Advisory Groups

Presidential Advisory Groups

Conveying and championing your message of value is most successful when member value is a priority for the Board. Leaders who can’t communicate the ‘so what’ of why members belong will fall short connecting and influencing member perception and their actions.

Presidential Advisory Groups (PAGs) can be an effective way to approach the strategic issue of member value.

See how the Colorado Association of Realtors® formed a PAG and created milestones to guide their process.

Here’s what CAR leaders said to participants about the PAG’s success:

“I realize that we thought we were looking down a dark tunnel with no end in sight, but we did it and got it accomplished. Great work everyone. It's funny, I just got a survey from a potential NAR President, they were asking many of the same questions that we already answered and we got it accomplished in a year. Our members will look at this past year as the pivotal year in several years from now and realize we were doing what was right for the organization. Thank you for being part of that team.”
Keith Kanemoto, Immediate Past President
“On behalf of the Leadership Team at Colorado Association of REALTORS®, I would like to thank you for your dedication and time you have served on President Keith Kanemoto’s Presidential Advisory Group. Your charge was to review the current Governance Structure, Mission Statement and Value Proposition and to determine what is best for our members today and beyond. I am proud to say, your endeavors were successful. The Board of Directors approved Governance Policy and the Value Proposition in April and this week your Mission Statement recommendation and Governance Structure was approved! Thank you for your experience, knowledge and careful, considerate thoughtfulness through the process. You have made a difference. Our special thanks to Melynn Sight for her expertise, guidance and direction.”
Jolon Ruch, President Elect
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