How Do You Know You Need One?

Why Organizations Consider Creating a Value Proposition

Every organization is different, but Association Executives call nSight Marketing as a result of these conversations:

  • Leaders and/or staff have a gut feeling that beyond involved members, there is a disconnect about what the organization brings to the table” (for example, in the Realtor® world, “We need to establish our value beyond the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).”
  • Your organization delivers a range of services, tools and other offerings but member awareness is low.
  • The need to find a “most compelling reason” you exist so that staff and leaders can present a unified approach and thinking to communicate a consistent message to members.
  • The organization is under a competitive threat
  • It’s time to re-evaluate exactly what the organization should deliver that is most relevant. You are trying to determine the right levels of investment, resources, manpower and focus.

Don’t go on this journey unless you’re ready to commit to it, work at it, inspect it, share ideas about it, and evaluate your staff based on a unified promise of value.

YOU ARE READY if you are excited about it, antsy to begin, and ready for a new perspective to help move the organization forward.

IF YOU ARE STILL THINKING … here are 10 Questions to ask yourself about your organization.

"We continue to hear from our members 'I didn't know that'…or 'You don't offer that' - when we offered it last week. I thought there was a disconnect between the association and our members. It's not that we are offering bad things, it's that we're not offering the right things. And if we are offering the right things, we're not getting that message through to them.

Our survey shows that the number one thing that resonated with members is our customer service - 87% of members are very satisfied with staff! But our satisfaction with membership value came in at 43%. When I saw that it was stunning.

We offer a lot of stuff. As an AE you get very attached to what you are doing when you are sitting in this seat. This is an opportunity to stop, and wake up and understand how our members see us."

Laura Crowther, Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors®


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