How Do Associations Use It?

Living Your Value Proposition

Once you spend the energy, time and money to discover your value proposition, consider how to operationalize it so that it lives in all that you do when you interact with members. To summarize your “Implementation Guide” here are a few reminders of how to keep it alive. (Email us if you need another copy of your guide.)

  • Show it – Use parts of your message wherever possible – from new member communications, to your newsletter, website, and your email signature. A picture and clear, direct words help members better connect with your message.
  • Discuss it – As with any other new process, product, or program, your staff is your sales force! Help them to operationalize the new message so that it fits with what they do. This takes some talking, repeating and intentionally connecting your value message with other staff so that they will get comfortable with talking and thinking about the value promise and message.
  • Talk about it – Board members and President now have intentional messaging to articulate your value in their member interactions. Encourage them to use it.
  • Deliver on it – In many organizations, staff job responsibilities are tied to delivering on certain elements of the value proposition. Occasionally, whether monthly or quarterly, ask your board and your staff how they deliver on the promise you make to your members.
  • Live it – Every leader and staff member have the role of keeping the message alive. One purposeful way to do this is to include the value proposition in leadership orientation, relate your value proposition to your strategic planning process, and link the key value points to your committee outcomes. This way, board and committee work links to relevant value points of your proposition.

Here’s how one association puts their value proposition into action:

“We are really working on integrating this message. Our next step is the newsletter. It is going to be broken down by the 4 value proposition areas. Our value proposition is helping is to focus on what is truly important to the members and our brand. Our word of the year is “Whiff-m”. What is in for the member! If we can’t answer that question, then maybe we should not be doing it. It really is helping us to focus.”
Sheila Dodson, Executive Director, Coastal Association of REALTORS®
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