10 Questions

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself if you believe you might be ready to uncover and develop your association’s value proposition.

  1. Would five members describe our most relevant benefits in the same way?
  2. What value do we deliver that members consider invaluable?
  3. Do all our communications answer the “so what” about that value?
  4. How does our most costly service, tool or benefit contribute to our members’ success?
  5. Do we know what business issues keep our members up at night?
  6. Who are three important member groups who are critical to our future?
  7. Has communicating the value of membership come up as a strategic issue?
  8. Does our Board of Directors understand what a value proposition is?
  9. Does our committee work strengthen a specific promise we make to our members?
  10. For what one compelling reason does our member belong? (Not for MLS)
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