If you are contemplating whether to do this yourself or get help through the process:

In 2011, Melynn facilitated an AE workgroup for the National Association of Realtors® to develop a toolkit for developing a value proposition.

The digital collection of how-to’s is available to NAR AE’s at

Some association executives want more guidance through the process. AEs say that working with nSight Marketing helps them:

To get an outside point of view with an objective view of your association
Invest in a process that will yield a new way of thinking
To ensure the time they spend leads to something very worthwhile for the people involved
To Listen. Association Executive’s get much more out of being part of the process instead of leading it.
Get to the essence of “So What”?
To create a relevant message of value, and then get a plan for how to communicate it, to keep it alive and to help it grow.

While you can create your value proposition yourself, many associations have decided the investment is important enough to get outside expertise. If you want help through the process, please contact us to talk further or schedule your project.

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