A Customizable Member Value Proposition

NAR associations now have a formal value proposition to customize for your own use. The project was a partnership between NAR and nSight Marketing.

NAR and nSight Marketing’s Approach

Three years into core standards, NAR associations have a set of core standard for serving your members in seven key areas (both internal controls and external activities).

At least three of these services directly link to how members serve their clients: Political Involvement, Community Building and Professional Development and Ethics.

Associations – especially small locals – now have a clear and simple way to unify around a promise and to convey how their association’s expertise answers members’ business needs.

The Process and Messages

nSight Marketing’s seven steps process guided this project, and builds on dozens of association value proposition projects across a variety of industry associations.

Two important markers form the basis of the new message:

1. There are common member needs in the real estate industry.
2. The Association’s expertise creates a credible forms the association’s strategic brand promise to their members.

Associations can choose from two optional value proposition themes. The key member benefits (called Value Points) are similar for both themes.

Key Value Points
1. Community building
2. Local involvement in politics to guard property rights
3. Promoting REALTOR® professionalism through ethics and standards of conduct.

Next Steps

NAR officially launches the new value proposition and online toolkit to associations in May 2017.

Watch a video on the outcome of the process and how to use the new campaign.

Decide if this project is right for you. NAR AE’s can find Value Toolkit materials on NAR’s website.

Are you interested in developing a value proposition custom for your association? Contact us here.

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