Have I said congratulations on your commitment to your value proposition?

The pages that follow will help you understand the process if you are getting started. It promises to be an eye-opening, creative process and will be motivating to your leaders, staff and organization going forward.

If you have completed your value proposition, you know what you need to do to keep it alive. Don’t let it sit on the shelf.

The examples that follow are generously offered by other associations to collaborate and share. Please don’t take an idea from here without sharing something back in return. Send your ideas to Melynn and we will get them added to the library.

Get ready to answer this important question: What “one big idea” does our organization bring to the table that will make a difference to our members?”

  • Getting Started – View the project timeline and overview of each step of the process
  • Workshop – How to make your on-site workshop the best possible use of your time
  • Association Campaigns – See graphic examples of value proposition campaigns and how other associations use it in their communications
  • Tools – Resources to help you plan – from recruiting your task force to incorporating your value proposition into the strategic plan
  • Planning Documents – Download documents to help you refine and communicate the message
  • Connect – Talk to a colleague who has completed a value proposition project
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