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We launched the new website MemberValue.org to answer association executives’ questions about what member value really means. Our goal is to help you discover and then put your value into words.

DANGER: This process could result in:

  • Disrupting the status quo
  • Learning about what your member really needs
  • Redefining your real purpose
  • Reinventing your position in your members’ minds, and
  • Potentially renovating your offerings.

Every association wants to be indispensable to their members.

You will have a better chance of being essential when you and your leaders invest in learning about your members. Linking their most critical needs with the services you offer to answer them. Why not use a proven process that works for any size and type association? One that’s been tested with association members that are very much like yours.

This is a place to learn about the process. To define your value proposition – the message, and the actions.

Once you declare your proposition with nSight Marketing, this is a place to share best ideas and practices with others who have done it.

MemberValue.org helps us live our purpose: Helping organizations link their strategic goals to a plan to reach them.

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