membervalueAs an executive, you are on the front line of convincing members you matter. You are not alone. In the words of one of your colleagues:

We must be relentless in convincing our members that we matter to them in order to survive. Its our job to show them how we matter.
– Mary C., Association CEO

Association executives across the country face similar challenges:

  • “We as associations need to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market – just like other brands.”
  • “Members don’t recognize your value – so most of them don’t read our updates or know how to promote the REALTOR® brand.”
  • “We think we communicate so well about the value of membership; our members just don’t seem to get it!”

Many Association Executives decided to formalize the step of developing their own unique Value Proposition.

Here are real life stories from six of them. Each message is different based on specific target audiences. Each message says one or two things that the association does best to solve a specific challenge. Which story speaks best to you?

A value proposition will change the way your membership (and the public) views you. That’s only the beginning.

Click here to watch a short video on how the process works.

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