Associations and businesses spend money, time and man hours on all kinds of business issues: be it financial, policy, member, technology, education, customer service – and this is the short list. Many spend no time at all discussing, discovering and investing in the most critical business issue: their value proposition.

A value proposition is the member’s rationale for belonging to your association. It is not your boards rationale for why members should belong, nor is it your list of services (sometimes called member benefits).

Here is a checklist to uncover when you know you have a strong value proposition:

✔ You know with confidence your member’s biggest needs and concerns, and what your association does to answer a vital few of their needs.

✔ Your receptionist and your president can both give your member value elevator pitch and believe every word they say.

✔ You get feedback, unsolicited from new or uninvolved members who comment:

  • “we get what you do”
  • “we know what we get for our dues dollars”
  • “they do X, and they do it really well”
  • “Their tagline is X …(and then they can say what it means)

✔ Your top three member benefits are offerings that connect directly to better quality of business or quality of life for your member. And you know that by fact.

✔ What you advertise as valuable is backed up with research of your customers. Their needs are linked directly with something you do with excellence.

✔ If you have a tagline, that tagline has an explanation behind it that tells the member why they need to be part of “you” to be successful.

As said by Jack Welch: “Change doesn’t come from a slogan”; It comes from unifying around a well-thought-out proposition based on the real business needs of your members.

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